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Water Source and Capacity

The existing water supply is obtained from watersheds that are between the Housatonic River and the Connecticut River and extend from close to Long Island Sound to about 20 miles inland.

The total Safe Yield (the yield which can be reasonably expected in 99 out of 100 years) of all active sources is 79.3 million gallons per day (“MGD”). The total Available Water for all Authority supplies, which is defined by the Connecticut Department of Public Health (“DPH”) as the amount of water that the Authority can dependably supply, taking into account limitations on Safe Yield, is 76.7 MGD. The Authority’s Available Water is approximately 15.8 MGD greater than the highest historical annual average daily draft in the Authority’s service area of 60.9 MGD in 1988. The water supply is currently obtained from four active surface water supply systems, which provide approximately 85% of available water, and six well fields.

“One of the lowest main break records in the industry”
RWA averages 3.8 breaks per 100 miles per year versus the industry average of 20 breaks per 100 miles per year
Source: American Water Works Association 2013

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Water Rates

Rates are comprised of both a basic service charge and a volumetric charge. The size of the service is based upon water-flow demand.
Meter Size Monthly Service Charge Quarterly Service Charge Cost Per 100 Cubic Feet
5/8” $31.87 $57.43 $3.942
3/4” 35.07 67.01 3.942
1” 42.24 88.57 3.635
1-1/2” 57.41 134.06 3.635
2” 80.57 205.53 3.635
3” 211.13 595.24 3.370
4” 310.51 893.39 3.370
6” 569.96 1,671.71 3.370
8” 921.96 2,725.41 3.103
10” 1,304.20 3,874.93 3.103
12” 1,687.67 5,024.88 3.103
Privately Owned 19.10 19.10
Economic Development Rate To encourage new commercial or industrial customers, the Regional Water Authority provides the following economic development rate;
  • 80% of the applicable water rates for the first five years.
  • After the initial five-year period, the Authority will assess the customer its full applicable water rates.
  • Rates are subject to periodic effects of a general rate increase and/or surcharges.
To qualify for this economic development rate, the customer must be new to the Authority’s service area and consume at least 500,000 gallons per year. Exceptions are reviewed on a case by case basis.

Water Quality

Quality Testing Throughout the treatment process we test water quality. We analyze the water quality of water in the reservoir, during the treatment process and at strategic points in our distribution system. Each year, our state-certified laboratory conducts thousands of water quality tests. Some tests search for bacteria while others measure the level of chemicals in the water.
  • Performed in excess of 120,000 tests.
  • Results are compared to over 175 state and federal standards.


Your service is top rate. The crew was great and communication was excellent.
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From day one, everyone I came in contact with was friendly, knowledgeable and professional. I was told what the process would be and you did what you said.
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Every person connected with this call and repair is to be commended.  Everyone was courteous, prompt, hardworking and considerate.
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